Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Volcanoe Inspiration

Babyhead has always been fascinated with volcanoes, and as a good mother I've tried to expose him to interesting ways to keep this interest alive. We've watched many a show on the discovery channel, checked out countless books on volcanoes, and googled more famous volcanoes than I care to really know about, all in the hope that Babyhead knows everything he can about this subject.

One day last spring I found Babyhead at the kitchen table, pens and crayons strewn about. His large drawing tablet was open and he was creating a masterpiece, my talented boy! It appeared to be a large mountain with a red top, fissures of what seemed to be lava pouring out all over. When I asked him what it was he replied: " a volcanoe momma, can't you tell?" I said yes and stared at the picture again. "What is this round part, outside the volcanoe, and these things?" I pointed to the paper. "It's you momma-your two eyes, nose and mouth." "Well where does the volcanoe come in and why is it so big?" I asked. He looked at me and then picked up a crayon, adding more red to the top of the mountain. "It's the volcanoe on your cheek I was drawing." His sweet face stared at my face for a long moment and then looked down at the paper and proceeded to color furiously. "Thank you momma for helping me draw my volcanoe."

I stood there rooted to the spot processing what had just transpired. Yes, it was true I had a "pimple" on my cheek that I unfortunately made the poor choice to pick and make bigger and badder. Yes, I had piled concealer on the terrible offense, fooling myself that no one could really notice the obvious mountain on my face. And yes, I had run out of Zapzyt, my favorite face volcanoe product awhile ago, meaning to pick some up when I'd next made it to Riteaid. I should have made a special trip, for if I had there would be no mountain on my face. Zapzyt has been my secret weapon for years. A teeny application to the spot 3-4 times a day for a week and poof-said pimple dries up and disappears. But, on the other hand, had I treated this pimple, then Babyhead would not have been inspired to create, and in the end isn't that what's important? Being a good Momma and be inspiring?

Run don't walk and pick up my secret Zapzyt. No more Volcanoe face. Ever.