Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Write On!!!

It's been awhile, actually a long while since my last post. I had so much stuff going on the last 6 months, some days I wish I could clone myself 8 times just to stay on top of things. Last night Babyhead said to me: "Momma, how come I haven't seen you writing lately?" I asked why was he asking and he responded: "Well, when you write at your desk you are always smiling, so I think you're happy when you write." Out of the mouths of babes. 

So I step back into the fray in a good way( I've been weirdly rhyming the past week or so, don't know what's up with that). I think going forth I'm just going to sit down and let the words carry me, sometimes giving beauty advice, momma advice, favorite things beauty and beyond, cool girl thoughts or what ever happens to fly through my brain at the moment my fingers hit the not real keys of my iPad. I found an old photo of me sitting at my college typewriter-yes you read that right-typewriter- and Babyhead asked what that machine was. He said it kind of looked like a computer, but where was the screen? Sigh. I'd best pull out some vinyl so he can see what his parents used to seriously jam to. History my friend, goes a long way. 

The three of us sat down this past weekend to do our goals. One of many of mine was to post on my blog more regularly and to expand my blog, so look for that coming up. As I learn to express myself in this medium, and let me tell you, technology is NOT my strong suite, please bear with me since we are all in this together.

Since we last chatted I am on my quest to go lighter with my darn graying head of hair, so that is going great. It's cool feeling like a new and more creative you. It's pushed me to adjust my makeup, but that just keeps you fresh. I think my husband is enjoying the constantly evolving new me, so that also is a plus!

My super cool pick this week via Babyhead's original question from above, is Moleskine notebooks. I first purchased one last year, and have since become addicted. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, lined or unlined. I still am old school-I like to take notes! Wow! I like to actually WRITE down, yep, using a pen, that's right-my thoughts, things to do, lists, ideas-you name it! My sister Kristi gave me this one posted for Christmas and it's become a Fav. 

If Moleskine was good enough for Hemingway, Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh, by gosh, it's good enough for me!!

Run don't walk to your computer, just google them and get a few for yourself!