Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Forever Young

As I sit here looking at my birthday in my rear view mirror, I am struck by how quickly the years are passing. It's all good of course because what is the alternative, especially when you have a little someone following your every move. 

A few days after my birthday Babyhead came up to me as I sat at my desk paying bills. He got in my lap and picked up a card that was one of my favorites. "What does forever young mean?" He asked which were the words on the front. "Well, I guess as we get older we like to think we will be forever young." He stared at me for a long time. "I wish you would turn 30 over and over again!" he said with a little frown. I asked him why and he responded, "So you will always be with me." I wanted to cry because how earnest he was and the sweet way he studied my face. " But Momma, it looks like you ARE 30 every year." 

And that my friends is why you love your little babies, especially your mama's boys because they are so biased, it warms the depth of your heart and ego. But, I don't really want to be 30 every year, but I can cheat it with the amazing Murad Resurgence skincare line.

I got caught 2 years ago watching Joan Lunden sell it but hard on an infomercial at 1:30 in the morning. Being an intimate master of the genre, having worked on SO many throughout the years, I am a serious skeptic, yet I was impressed by the testimonials.

Well...Honey it works!! My skin changed within a month, little lines were less pronounced, and my face was dewy again like years past. don't walk, go get your 30 on and tell them I sent you!