Friday, January 30, 2015

Bucket O' Gel

I hate washing my hair. There I said it. Why? Because it is an involved process that takes on the average over an hour. Frankly, I only have so much time in my day.

My husband after 18 years together, gives me a heads up for events. "We are expected at 6pm. It's noon now. We need to be on the road at 5pm. If you're doing something with your hair, you should probably start with that program." I used to get fussy with him and his annoying spot on observation of my conflicted relationship with my hair. But he's right. Just don't tell him.

On said day above, over coffee: me and he warm milk- we watched daddy leave the room after voicing his Momma's hair thoughts. 

Babyhead was silent for a moment. "Momma? While you make yourself pretty, can I use your wiggly stuff bucket for my science experiment?" "What bucket of what?" I asked, distracted by the clock, knowing I should get a jump on my curls. "You know the bucket that makes your hair look normal." His little hand reached onto my plate and ate my last strip of crisp bacon. "Normal??" "Yeah" he responded, talking through the bacon. "Like I come into the bathroom and it's everywhere, and after that wiggly clear stuff I can see your face".  

Oh right. THAT wiggly magic stuff. That would be my ECO Hair Gel.  My savior. My only reason I'm able to wear a hat. Without it I'm lost. I've used it for over 18 years, loving and appreciating it every minute. It's amazing on curly thick coarse hair. It doesn't flake or build up-it slicks down an Afro in mere moments- just get it wet and pack on the ECO gel. Apply it liberally and twist those curls- let your hair dry and viola!!! Perfect bouncin' and behavin' hair! I have told every woman with hair like mine about it and every mother of a child that's like me or has hair like me. I am compelled to do so because this stuff is life changing. Really!!

Being bi-racial, it was complicated for my sweet mama from South Dakota to work out my hair when I was young, that is another 100 posts­čś│, but suffice to say if we had had this gel, my childhood hair trauma wounds would have been practically non-existent.  
It comes in 5 different holds. I use the super hold pink on Babyhead, while I swear by the yellow Moroccan Argan Oil.

So run don't walk and pick up some ECO Hair Gel. Go ahead, you deserve to be able to contain that wild hair and "see your face".