Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Do It...

So, Here I go on my new blog. blog.

Years ago everyone told me to do this, did I listen? apparently not. They said, hey you're a Make-up and Wardrobe Stylist for TV and film www.lisamargaretcorr.com AND a Momma---you should blend the two. They said, you always have the tricks and tips...and now that you have a baby, all the cooler.  I finally got it together and here I am! Ok, better late than never!

Saying that, I love all things fashion and and beauty and I love my Babyhead. I am so busy with all this and then add in wife and step-mother to 3 almost grown boys and I tell you I crave estrogen, and sleep!!

I will be just talking about stuff I love and make-up styling tips, along with revelations of being a momma and amazing things babyhead says and does because he is pretty darn amazing.

Let's do this thang!!!!!!!


  1. I'm testing the comments box...this sure is fun!

  2. Looking forward to following your fun posts! and I can certainly use some beauty tips from a pro! ;-)
    You rock!
    millie :-)

  3. This a great blog! I am in the process of writing a book. Please give me lots of advice. I have a publisher and a team of editors. I need an artist or photographer.
    YOUR aunt...maryamu