Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Anniversary Song

It's that time of year again, where Tony, Toni, Tone will be on heavy rotation in my home. "It's Our Anniversary" is one of "Our" songs. If you don't know this group, you should. They are smooth like butter and always set the mood, if a mood being set is what you're looking for. Granted, our other song is Cameo's "Sparkle". Yeah, we took it way back there. When we had it as our first dance, people were swaying to the music as we were, long ago smiles and memories on their faces. Man, I love that song....anyway...

10 years. Time to reflect? On what? How fast the time went? That it seems just yesterday I was walking down the aisle headed toward my beloved with the sounds of low whirring super8 cameras humming in my ears? My favorite fellas from my crazy profession made our day. It started with Matt saying yes to my persistent inquiring as to whether he would please please please shoot our wedding. After what was weeks of waiting until he said yes. Next on board was Trevor, then Mac, Chris, Dennis, Charlie, Kennan, the list goes on. Yes. I had two film crews for our wedding. Excessive? I didn't think so. We needed coverage right?

People thought I was crazy because I did all of the make-up. Everyone. But it was my day and I knew what I wanted, plus, working on a face comforts me, soothes me, brings me peace. Our wedding day was amazing, fabulous and perfect.

The beauty in this story is just that. Beauty. The beauty of a wedding, a marriage, of friendship and teamwork, and honest fine people who you are so lucky to know, let alone work with them. I think about them every year on this very day because of them, my husband and I and babyhead sit down in front of the tv and watch a beautiful movie. The movie of us. And very year since the moment he could speak babyhead would ask: " where am I momma? My brothers are there, where am I?" And every year, his little voice echoes in my mind when someone asks what did I get for my anniversary? And I reply: " I got my heart's desire and I didn't even know it at the time. My husband gave me my dear sweet love giving little boy. My babyhead. Lucky me. Lucky us.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Old School

Today I was thinking what product I wanted to post as I sat in the car listening to John Legend, waiting to pick up Babyhead. I thought about what item I use constantly around the house and it came to me. Don't laugh. Don't judge. Open your mind to the old school Bag Balm. That's right, that's what I said. Bag Balm.

When I've told people in the past about this stuff, they usually laughed or thought I was joking. Well I am not. This is some serious balm people. My husband and I bonded on an early date behind it. When I pulled the tiny (comes in 2 sizes-teeny and humongous) tin out of my handbag, he exclaimed:" my granny used that on the farm on all of her animals! I've only seen it in huge tins! What do you use it for?!" My lips I told him. This keeps them beyond soft. He couldn't keep his eyes off them the entire date as I dipped into that little green tin all night. Is Bag Balm the reason we are together? Maybe.

Anyway, the uses for this crazy stuff are endless: lips that are chapped. Cuticles that need help. Eczema on knees, elbows, behind ears. Bumps, bruises. Rough feet. Your hairline after your color appointment. Hands, sore muscles, or add a glow on cheekbones and Cupid's bow. I've even used it on shoes to shine em' up in a pinch on set. And of course Babyhead's Lips have always been soft.

Thanks Bag Balm for working so hard and asking of me so little. Run Don't Walk to your nearest drugstore and adopt a tin of your own!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Relax. Relate. Release.

Work waits for no woman.

When I have a 5:00am call time for a shoot, I totally use my styling background to stay focused. (my catholic schooling upbringing helps too).

Pull my clothes for morning? Check. Layout all cosmetics so they are at my fingertips at 4:00am? Check. Pull babyhead's uniform? Make his lunch? Pack a snack? Put his homework in his back pack? Check, check, check and check. Call my mother to set up a date with my husband later in the week? Check. Make notes on new project and create prepping schedule whilst working on my current project? Check. Do 5 loads of laundry that night? Work 14 hours on my feet dealing with 12 talent, (not all peaches)? Check. Filling my tank, making an appointment for my oil change, my colorist and my hair stylist? Check. Ok, so I mixed up the dates a bit and looked great for my oil change instead of my colorist, but whatever. Getting babyhead to bed at 8:30pm sharp? Kinda check. Ok. So the day to day can get crazy, but it the midst of it I just have to remember to do a few things: I'm so lucky- I rarely cook dinner, it's ready when I get home: Hug my great husband. Hug babyhead. Breathe. Appreciate my life. And drink plenty of water. Life is good, you just have to stop some days and smell the roses, or since I'm in Seattle, smell the coffee!!